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Philosophy and Approach 

Active Management  

Our approach to investment is long term and our fund managers all have backgrounds in institutional investment. Given our long experience and professional skills we constuct client portfolios for the medium term.

We believe that over the long term equities provide fundamentally better returns than other asset classes but we are equally aware that risk adjusted returns can be protected and enhanced through exposure to fixed income securities and we are not afraid to raise cash for clients when we consider market conditions to be foggy and unclear.

Over any market cycle many asset prices will diverge from their underlying value, with differences becoming more numerous in volatile markets. These anomalies provide the scope for active portfolio management.

We are not afraid to back our judgement when our fundamental analysis tells us that this is justified. In short we are not 'index-huggers'! Our approach to equity investment is distinguished by a willingness to be opportunistic. This allows us to take advantage of the many price discrepancies that volatile stock markets often present.  We are not wedded to a particular investment style that might outperform at certain times but will also underperform at other times. Rather, our core investment team is entrepreneurial in its approach and continually vigilant for opportunities.

Stock Selection through Fundamental Analysis

We specialise in bottom-up stock selection but are mindful of the underlying global macro-economic environment in which companies operate. We focus on corporate fundamentals such as management quality, financial strength, market position and underlying value in the context of the broad stock market environment. In constructing a portfolio of equities, we consider the totality of risks at stock, sector, market and macroeconomic levels. We also assess other investors' perceptions of these factors, which will affect likely returns.

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