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Portfolio Management

Our offering is based on international asset allocation between equities, bonds and cash. We tailor all our portfolios individually to meet requirements and preferences of each client.

Crucially we understand our client’s individual targets for capital enhancement and protection as well as income generation. We put great emphasis on the fact that we are being entrusted to manage a portfolio of assets to meet those targets over a variety of time horizons.

We meet our clients regularly to review performance, their investment objectives and associated risk profiles. We allocate a dedicated investment manager to manage each individual client relationship.

We constantly monitor risk and how it impacts each investor. Risk is about the chance of bad outcomes occurring, but what one investor perceives to be a bad outcome can be viewed favourably by a different investor. We take into account our clients' different approach to risk given their differing personal circumstances, goals and history

We are careful to ensure that risk exposures are appropriate to the investment objectives and our starting point is a bespoke investor risk profiling questionnaire that establishes individual attitudes and tolerance to risk.

Delmore Asset Management Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.